• KSNAS-200-i7, 2U, 12x 3.5" drive bays NAS, Dual Mini-ITX MB Intel Quad-core CPU with internal 2.5" 1TB drive

    KSNAS120-2U, Dual NAS & backup systems in 2U enclosure - Front view
  • Custom KS-NAS-120-A1_0T1: 4-Bay NAS, 4x 3.5" bay (unpopulated), AMD dual-core, 8GB DRAM, Internal 1TB drive, 2x Gbit LAN, 1x WiFi or additional Gbit LAN, dual monitor + audio ports

    High Speed 4-bay Network Area Storage NAS built on Standard PC motherboard and LINUX-UBUNTU server and desktop client with remote graphical desktop capabilities
  • KS-NAS-12-i27_5T1: NAS, 6x2.5" bay (unpopulated), Intel C2750 Octa-core, 8GB DRAM, Internal 1TB drive + 3TB drive, 2x Gbit LAN plus WiFi or additional Gbit LAN, monitor + audio ports

    KS-NAS-12-i27_5T1 (Front) 8-Core Octa Core NAS backup & private-cloud server, 8GB RAM, 2xGB LAN, eSATA, 6X 2.5" trays unpopulated, internal 3.5" 1TB+5TB, VGA port 1920x1280, USB ports, size 5"x8.75"x13". Advanced storage LVM over drive partitions and RAIDs. Open system with builtin desktop GUI
    $1,422.99 $1,208.99
  • KS810-P Imaging Keyboard Scanner

    KeyScan Imaging Keyboard Scanner KS810-P
  • KS-7H Contactless & Contact Smart Card Reader

    KS-7H Contactless & Contact Smart Card Reader add-on
(Below KS-7H Contactless & Contact Smart Card Reader

KeyScan-inventor, developer and manufacturer of innovative, personal, interactive productivity and communication hardware and software. Amongst, the newly announced the KS-NAS-120 KeyScan Smart Storage & Backup: small box combining Storage, RAID/LVM, Virtual Machine, Thin Client, Multimedia center & Server, Network Security and the KS810-P Imaging Keyboard, world's only integrated keyboard-scanner with "NoTouchâ„¢-AutoScan"