Custom KS-NAS-120-A1_0T1: 4-Bay NAS, 4x 3.5" bay (unpopulated), AMD dual-core, 8GB DRAM, Internal 1TB drive, 2x Gbit LAN, 1x WiFi or additional Gbit LAN, dual monitor + audio ports

  • High Speed 4-bay Network Area Storage NAS built on Standard PC motherboard and LINUX-UBUNTU server and desktop client with remote graphical desktop capabilities
  • KS-NAS-120 (Rear view)
  • KS-NAS-120 (Rear view, ports)
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Product Description

  • NAS backup storage & private-cloud server,
  • Dual core AMD 1GHz 9W
  • 4x 3.5" bay (unpopulated, accept up to 40TB)
  • 4GB DRAM
  • Internal 1TB drive
  • 1x Gbit LAN
  • 1x WiFi (Can be replaced with up to 4 Gbit LAN ports)
  • DVI + VGA dual monitor port
  • AUDIO ports
  • USB ports

Full Linux UBUNTU system, both server&client desktop GUI, support RAID 0,1,5,10 with LVM, ACL based folder access protection, connectivity through SAMBA & NFS, wide range of servers. KeyScan remote setting and management SW. AMD C60 CPU, 4GB DRAM, 7x8.5x9.5 box,1xPCI-Expr, 1xGBit-LAN+1xWifi, VGA/DVI&USB&Audio ports. Internan 2.5" 320GB HD. Accept up to 16TB drive space. Full fleged UBUNTU Linux server and client desktop with large 2.5" internal drive space enable expansion for available servers and applications and complete separation between NAS space and system space. 1x PCI Expr expanssion slot for either Wifi, additional LAN, eSATA and other options. USB based GSM and Bluetoth options supported, 4GB DRAM expandable to 8GB. Options for wide selection of Mini ITX motherboards per performance requirements and I/O functionsHigh Speed 4-bay Network Area Storage NAS built on Standard PC motherboard and LINUX-UBUNTU server and desktop client with remote graphical desktop capabilities. Specifications & more at KS-NAS-120 PowerPoint Presentation and KS-NAS-120 Data Sheet


Open system based on standard form factor Mini-ITX motherboard enables wide range of CPUs and DRAM capacity

PCI Express2.0 x16 standard expansion slot enabling additional functionality

High performance CPU

Up to two internal 2.5" hard drive both for user space and for applications plus 4-bay of 3.5”/2.5” drives up to total of 16TB

On board interface for dual monitors VGA and DVI ports

Open system

Open UBUNTU server and client enable easy download and integration with free and 3rd party applications

Can integrate with multiple communication interfaces such as Ethernet, WIFI, Firewire, Bluetooth, GSM and more

Operating system

Integrated fully fledged Linux UBUNTU server with UBUNTU desktop client to enable easy local and remote graphical desktop interfacing

Flexible and reliable storage system using Logical Volume Management (LVM) over RAID.


Enables access to data files & documents sharing from anywhere - all the computers in a business and/or home network, any other remote or local computer or other mobile device (smartphones, tablets, laptops &PCs) via the Internet.

A comprehensive base for home entertainment applications Media Center for streaming your music, your photos and your videos to a media player within your network or a network-enabled television - directly and without a computer.

Advanced backup utilities to protect and recover your data

Can be set up as Surveillance Station with IP Cameras & USB cameras

Can be set up as advanced communications center

Easy and simple Set-up & Management


Open system with many free available software development and system management tools

Low cost

Huge savings on open source software replacing very expensive server/client operating system as well as applications makes it ideal for education system, and small businesses as well as private users.

Warranty Information

Returns within 30 days to customers who purchased directly from KeyScan Inc., in continental USA only. For more details check warranty details under the Support tab.


High Speed AMD Dual Core 4-bay NAS and open server, LINUX-UBUNTU server and desktop client:
with innovative features and functionality: remote graphical desktop, display convenience, security & multiple backup options

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