KS-NAS-12-A1_0T1-5T1: 4 bay NAS Mini-ITX MB AMD dual-core CPU

  • 4x 2.5" bay NAS Mini-ITX MB AMD dual-core CPU with internal 1TB
  • 4x 2.5" bay NAS Mini-ITX MB AMD dual-core CPU with internal 1TB (Back)
  • 4x 2.5" bay NAS Mini-ITX MB AMD dual-core CPU with internal 1TB
  • 4x 2.5" bay NAS Mini-ITX MB AMD dual-core CPU with internal 1TB (Back)
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Product Description

NEW!!! KS-NAS-12 line of backup systems, designed for home and small office 

    • NAS backup storage & private-cloud server, 
    • Dual-Core AMD 1GHz 9W
    • 4x 2.5" bay (unpopulated, accept up to 4x 3TB = 18TB)
    • 4GB DRAM
    • Pre-installed internal drives: 1TB + 3TB /5TB
    • 1x Gbit LAN
    • 1x WiFi (Can be replaced with up to 4 Gbit LAN ports)
    • DVI + D-SUB dual monitor port
    • 3x audio ports
    • USB port


NAS storage & backup server.

Can handle traditional NAS tasks such as high speed multi-channel LAN communication including port-bonding, storage backup and synchronization, folders sharing, drives sharing & assignments (supports SMB, NFS, ISCSI)

It may execute additional tasks such as running virtual machine, performing as multimedia server and center, running enhanced security applications, web cam based security functions, and many more free 3rd party servers and clients’ functions.                                                                         

Equipped with a Dual-Core, low-power, AMD CPU,  4GB DRAM (expandable to 16GB), 4x 2.5" trays  (unpopulated, can hold up to 3TBx4=12TB total space) and preinstalled 1TB + 3TB internal drives (option for up to 2x 10TB internal drives) , 1x GBit LAN port, with 1X WiFi which can be replaced with additional LAN or eSATA ports. Dual display ports, DVI + D-SUB with graphic controller up to 1920x1280 per port. All packed in a small case 13"x8.75"x5".                                                                                        

This machine is a combined NAS server (based on Linux UBUNTU 14.04 server) with built-in Windows-like Desktop system with its local monitor/keyboard & mouse ports.

Unique KeyScan WEB browser based management and setup software.

Easy to use setup wizards.

Calendar based backup scheduler and backup task execution software.

KeyScan multilayer Storage-Manager, private cloud, web based user folders manager with remote file access, multimedia server & center, webcam monitoring software makes this product suitable both for small/medium size office as well as home-office applications.


Server OS: Linux UBUNTU 14.04 server  

Desktop: Linux UBUNTU 14.04 Integrated Windows-like desktop GUI             

Management: WEB Browser based manager application                                

Setup wizards: easy to use complete system setup wizard and storage setup manager                     Private cloud: OwnCloud syncing                          


Network management & monitoring

DNS & DHCP both client and server

VNC client and server                                 

Remote file system: GUI for web browser based remote file system.

SAMBA, iSCSI & NFS for storage sharing and allocating.                         

Multimedia: include server and media center                                 


Server firewall

Multiple security & protection functions,

 Built-in certificate manager and local CA.                                       

Free open-source 3rd party apps  


Brand: KeyScan Inc.

Model: KS-NAS-12-A1_3T1

Storage device type: NAS server         

Cabinet Size:   13"x8.75"x5"  


Processor type: AMD Dual-Core                    

Processor clock speed:  1 GHz

Processor Cores/Threads:  2 Cores

Processor power: Low power, 9W


RAM Technology:  DDR3 1066/800  

RAM Installed:  4GB

RAM Max: 16GB       


Internal drive max capacity: 2TB      

Internal drive installed: 1TB              

4X Tray drives installed: 0TB

4X Tray drives installed: 40TB 

RAID support: 0,1,5

Logical Volume Manager (LVM): yes, supports Logical Volumes setting over RAID or Drive-partitions


LAN: 1x GBit LAN ports (RJ45)  , with option for additional ports            

Support port bonding: yes                           

WiFi: optional 1 ***                               

Additional RJ45 LAN ports: option ***


Display port: 1x VGA + 1x DVI                           

MAX resolution: 1920 x 1280 60Hz             

Graphic controller: RADEON 6290  

Other: USB: 6x USB2.0, 1x eSATA ***, 1x RJ45 ***

*** Expansion slot, can accept one of the mentioned options



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