KS810-P Software

Innovative NoTouch Auto-Scan software complements the KS810 hardware
The unique NoTouch™ software resolves the well known problem of having sophisticated multifunction peripheral on one hand but having the user which most of the time wishes to use the same function and do it in the most efficient way with no extra menus and push buttons to operate for its default function. IRIS character recognition (OCR) software engine is integrated in KeyScan’s software and enables the user to scan and produce searchable compound document in MS-Word, Adobe-PDF and Internet HTML output file formats.KeyScan KS810-P and its software are the basic essential element for document scanning and paperless office.

 KeyScan KS810 bundles two applications

KeyScan Imaging - scanning control application

KeyScan NoTouch™ AutoScan- Automatic activation of scanning function

The user can activate and manage the scanning function in one of the following methods:

NoTouch™ - AutoScan

KeyScan AutoScan: activates the scanning function automatically by sensing the insertion of a document into the scanner’s document feeding tray. When using AutoScan the user can choose one set of predefined functions whereas its scanning and output parameters are preset so the complete function is fully performed automatically. AutoScan is configurable (modify each selection option, scanning parameters, enable/disable user interfaces and select the output function and its parameters).

KeyScan Imaging application - an interactive scanning application

This application lets the user scan multi pages documents, see scan preview image during scanning process, place the scanned documents on the application desktop and push them to other applications. It also contains some image manipulation functionality. The KeyScan Imaging application is both standalone imaging application, a COM server, a TWAIN source and the actual scanner interface of AutoScan application.

KeyScan TWAIN Data Source

KeyScan Imaging application is in fact a TWAIN data source, any application which has a TWAIN interface can communicate with KeyScan Imaging and perform the scanning functions.

 KeyScan 4 fast scanner buttons

KeyScan scanner has 4 Fast Scan buttons located on top of the scanner top cover. These buttons have dual functions each. By default they serve as multimedia functions (Mute, Volume+, Volume- and Media-player).
When the KeyScan Imaging application is active, buttons can be activated as scan functions buttons for File, Copy, Email, Fax.

 KeyScan Scan Command Line

KeyScan Imaging software can be activated by command line that can control almost any scanner function and parameters. The command line can be issued by the user manually or placed in a script as part of a larger process.

 KeyScan Desktop Icon activation

KeyScan Scan Command Line can be saved in a desktop icon shortcut; each time the user clicks on the shortcut it will execute the command line which will activate the KeyScan for a predefined task.

 KeyScan to Cloud & Google Docs

With keyscan KS810-P Imaging Keyboard Scanner one can scan and encrypt the document in one single step with NoTouch AutoScan directly to Google Docs /cloud enabling only authorized users to access the document. On top of this the document ,being hosted, is securely and regularly backed up. This feature was specifically designed to meet the legal and medical HIPPA security rules.