KSNAS-200-i7, 2U, 12x 3.5" drive bays NAS, Dual Mini-ITX MB Intel Quad-core CPU with internal 2.5" 1TB drive

  • KSNAS120-2U, Dual NAS & backup systems in 2U enclosure - Front view
  • KSNAS120-2U, Dual NAS & backup systems in 2U enclosure - Side view
  • KSNAS120-2U, Dual NAS & backup systems in 2U enclosure - Top open view
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Product Description

NEW!!! KS-NAS-200-i7  line of backup systems, designed for high volume storage and system redundancy needs

  • Options for Octa-Core (Intel 2570), Quad-Core (Intel i7 or Xeon) or Dual-Core ( AMD C-60) CPU
  • Built-in One or Dual systems (dual motherboards) with dual PSU
  • 16 GB DDR expandable up to 64GB (per Motherboard), the max amount of DDR depend on motherboard type, the listed offer is for 16GB with option for up to 64GB (requires 16GB DDR modules)
  • Drives storage space of up to 80TB
  • Built-in internal 1 TB system drive (x2 on dual MB system): 100 GB system, 900GB user & backup space (1TB drive per motherboard is included)
  • 12x 3.5” extractable drive trays for up to 72TB (12x 6TB) drives space (drives are not included)
  • Multiple GBit LAN ports and service LAN port
  • Built-in monitor and USB ports

 KSNAS120-2U Brochure

Flexibility of dual servers in a single 2U enclosure:

  • 2 independent storage & backup servers
  • 2 Load-balanced servers increasing performance
  • High-availability servers, a master and a fallback system
  • A Storage server, up to 72TB and a Network-server

Powerful dual servers:

  • Up to 72TB of external   x12   3.5” drives trays
  • Up to 8TB on x4 internal 2.5” drives
  • Up to 128GB (2x 64GB) DDR3
  • Network: x4 1GB RJ45 LAN ports, expandable to 8
  • Management: IPMI dedicated LAN with BMC controller
  • CPU: Intel Octa-Core C2750 
  • Graphic controller: ASPEED AS2300, up to 1920x1200

Competitive software solution:

  • Compatible with Microsoft servers & Linux servers
  • Can come pre-installed with Linux Ubuntu server
  • Huge saving on software costs for Linux based systems
  • KeyScan’s proprietary server control and backup SW

 KSNAS120-2U Brochure


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Flexibility of dual servers in a single 2U enclosure; Powerful dual servers: Competitive pricing

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