December 2016, KeyScan expands the KS-NAS line of products ranging from low costing high performance (from Dual core to Octa Core) network-storage and backup servers with advanced backup and control software. More info at KS-NAS Products

April 2015KeyScan revealed at D&H Mid-Atlantic Fall Technology Show, Hershey, PA the KSNAS120-2U, Dual NAS & backup systems in 2U enclosure. 2 independent storage & backup servers in a single enclosure with up to 72TB of external x12   3.5” drives trays, up to 8TB on x4 internal 2.5” drives and up to 128GB (2x 64GB) DDR3 with competitive software. Huge savings.

March 2014, KeyScan announces a family of innovative Multi-Function NAS, 4-bay network servers: KS-NAS-120 solution that goes well beyond storage, backup, thin client and serversis based on 4-core Intel i7 or Xeon CPU and designed to consolidate multiple machines into a single small box that saves the user on hardware, software and IT maintenance costs. The KS-NAS-120 provides: performance; extended 8GB internal memory; connectivity and speed: 2X Gbit LAN (100MB to 115MB throughput) plus WiFi plus Bluetooth connection; display & audio; advanced Sync & Backup; Virtual Machine; Window based GUI; Huge collection of FREE servers' software.

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May 2013, KeyScan has announced the revolutionary KS-NAS-120 series, solution for the mobile environment whereas in the current age of mobile and cloud technology one needs extensive local backbone support and storage. KS-NAS-120 connects tablets, cell phones, smart TVs, media and data. Click here for the detailed release presentation.

Feb. 2012KeyScan's reports strong growth in 2011. The KS810-P Imaging Keyboard Scanner has become the document scanner of choice for Paper-intensive office environments such as medical, legal, financial, and insurance offices, as well as the small/home offices and more, providing the users with easily scanned and saved accessible, accurate, and actionable information. ...more

Nov. 2011, KeyScan joined Google Apps Marketplace  

Oct. 2011, KeyScan has announced KeyScan to Google Docs. Key and scan paper documents, photos and plastic cards and directly store them on Google Docs. Scan what you need, when needed and always, from wherever you are - find it! Eliminate paper from business processes and Reduce the costs of handling, storing and retrieving documents. Go green - No need to print or photocopy a document to share it. It's Simple & EASY

July 2010, KeyScan has announced add-ons to the KS810-P Imaging Keyboard, for Significant Added Functionality; Scan Magnetic Cards & Smart Cards

March 2010, Lee Rosen of Divorce Discourse. More...

March 2009, KS810-Plus New Product  Release KeyScan revealed a brand new KS810-Plus at ABA tech show and at Himss. The KS810-P scans 2"x3" smooth surface plastic cards up to 1mm thickness