Downloading the drivers

Installing the drivers

  • Connect the Power cord (you will see a red light in the scanning slot for few seconds after connecting the power)

  • Go to "start" (Circle at bottom left corner of the screen)

  • Go to "control panel" (if you are in "category view" change to "Classic view")

  • Click on "System"

  • Click on "device manager"

  • Look for a yellow exclamation mark or question mark by "USB 2.0 Scanner" (it might be under "imaging devices" or under "other devices")

  • Right click on the USB2.0 Scanner and click on "update driver"

  • Click on browse my computer for driver software

  • At “search for driver at this location” go to C:\Temp\Drivers\64bit

  • Click next and follow the wizard directions.

For more information on Manual install of Drivers go to "Scanner Driver"


  • Go to “KeyScan imaging”

  • Click on “file”

  • Click on “Calibrate Scanner”

  • Follow on screen directions

Thank you for being KeyScan's customer!