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Difference between `KeyScan Imaging` (Blue icon) and `NoTouch-AutoScan` (Orange icon)

KeyScan Imaging (blue icon): is scanning interface application that let you scan multiple documents, each may have multiple pages and per each documents decide what functions to activate with that document.NoTouch-AutoScan  (orange icon): a small application that runs in the background and sense automatically the placement of document on the scanner feeding tray and either perform the NoTouch default function or display the AutoScan function selection dialog for activation of up to 15 preset functions.If you hit the <Page up> or <page down> keys while in AutoScan dialog you can browse between its optional 15 preset functions, make sure the dialog is "selected".  

Enable the scanning user interface for AutoScan function 'Scan to current application'

 There are few ways to change the default settings of the AutoScan functions (and in fact the functions themselves) 

On the AutoScan function-election dialog select [Set] button on the bottom. 

You should get a dialog pop-up 

From now on, each time you select to perform AutoScan function F9- "Scan to current application", you will have the User-Interface pop-up which let you change scanning parameters. 

If you wish to disable the User-Interface repeat the above steps but select "UIdisable". 

How do I change the default scanning mode of AutoScan function "Scan to current application" from color mode to Gray scale?  

On the AutoScan function-election dialog select [Set] button on the bottom. 

You should get a dialog pop-up 

Scan multiple pages in KeyScan Imaging

 Open KeyScan Imaging.

Once this page is finished, put another page into the scanning slot and

click Scan.

Keep repeating this process until your document is finished being scanned.Once you have finished scanning your document, click done.

For the save as type, you can select "Searchable Adobe PDF" . You must

save your documents in a format that will support multiple pages, such as

PDF or TIF.Chose a file name of your choice and click Save

Third party software TWAIN vs WIA.

KeyScan software supports TWAIN interface but not WIA. Most 3rd party software use TWAIN and can be used with KeyScan.

List of Software that can be used with KeyScan:  Dentrix, EagleSoft, Softdent, Ortho , Dolphin, Open_dental, Xl dent,  Practiceworks /Carestream, Ez dental, Oasys, Qsi dental Paper port, Laserfiche, Intow manager, Synapse, Ehs success, Imedicware, Edmund MCSJ, Logitech paradigm, Arcsoft, various tax and financial software and many others. 

If your software uses TWAIN you should be able to use it with KeyScan.

Using TWAIN scanning interface from 3rd party applications while NoTouch AutoScan is active

How to use TWAIN scanning interface from 3rd party application while NoTouch-AutoScan is active. 

When NoTouch-AutoScan is active it will start scanning automatically each time a document is placed on the scanner tray. The exception is if the KS810-P scanner is already activated through another interface:

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